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How to set up your own Workstation / Home Office

The Rules:

Assuming standard desk height of, sit fully back into the chair, pull right into the desk & then assess. 


NB: Once set up correctly, remember to mark the chair with your name, especially if several colleagues use similar chairs. 

Lumber Support: at natural waistline.

Armrests should be SHORT & either LEVEL WITH THE DESK SURFACE or 1-2 cm above. Using armrests while typing prevents / reduces neck & shoulder strain by allowing the weight of the upper body to rest on the chair as opposed to overusing the anti-gravity muscles of the neck & upper back.

Chair seat height to a level where THIGHS  are PARALLEL TO THE FLOOR. (90* angle at hips / knees / ankels)

Seat Depth needs to be sufficient to support the thighs to a distance of 3 fingerbreadths from the back of the knee. (Not shorter or longer.) 

Seat Width should feel comfortably snug,

Smaller height persons < 156cm (<5’5”) require a footrest to compensate or shorter leg length.

Taller persons < 177cm (<5’10”) may benefit from desk risers, bringing desk height from 72 up to 80cm.


Monitor should be CENTRED with top toolbar at eye level. Add monitor risers if too low.

Screen distance a relaxed arms length away:

With arm outstretched with a small bend at the elbow, your fingertips must TOUCH the screen surface. (This is the optimal focal length for the lens & muscles of the eye. It may initially feel too close, but will help maintain best sitting posture over the course of day.)


Keyboard centred & close to the body, space bar approx 15 cm from tummy, allowing upper arms to remain relatively vertical while typing. Mouse sits beside keyboard.


If in regular use, use a headset or a speaker. If occasional, place phone on non-dominant side.


Good idea if work involves paper copies Should be at same height & distance as monitor.


It is good practice to  writing area on your dominant side and remember to move the chair to this side when writing.

If wished, take 2 photos – 1 side & 1 behind & email to [email protected]



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